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I am a stay at home mom..now that is! February 19th, 2007 I was involved in a car accident while on vacation in Florida. I awoke in ICU to find out that my only two children Annemarie age 3 and Michael age 5 did not make it. Scrapbooking became such a big part of my life. It helped fill a void that I desperately needed to fill. Our therapist suggested that I take up scrapbooking as a way to memorialize my children, little did she know! So I took that and ran with it.I became obsessed with scrapping and took over the second largest room in my house. Because of my injuries I couldn't go out and get a job, I just scrapped!I printed out 2,000 photos and my journey began. I have made albums for family members and layouts to decorate my craft room. We thought we were done having kids but who expected this tragedy??? I just gave birth in June 2009 to two beautiful baby girls Mia Anne and Gianna Marie named after their brother and sister.I swore that I would keep up with their albums so I won't become overwhelmed so we will see how that works out! My profile picture is the last family picture that was taken of all of us.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing in action but for a good reason!!!

I haven't been on here for awhile because my darling hubby is making me a custom craftroom remodel! One of my biggest faults is that I am so NOT organized. I have a huge kitchen table as a work space but most of it gets wasted. My hubby is rebuilding a hot rod and spending money like its water so I decided to do that same..LOL! Actually I cashed in my points on my credit card and got some Gift cards to Lowe's so we can get most of the supplies.

My hubby and I have been working on the desk together and I am actually really enjoying it! The desk system is almost done. The way it will be is the desk will wrap all the way around the room so I can have separate stations for my Cricut, sewing machine, Cuttlebug, and of course room to scrapbook!! I just look at the desk and smile from ear to ear because I am so excited! Once the parts are in that we have done he will build all of the shelves and the right side of the room. He wants to wait so I can see what I need once I start piling stuff in the drawers/spaces etc.

The downside of this all is that I have not been able to craft. The other bad thing is that I have to clean my craftroom so I can get the new stuff in!! ARRGGHHH I will actually take the embarrasing before picture of my craftroom.

Here are some pics of the project so far!


  1. such a sweetheart! enjoy your new room!

  2. Your space sounds like it's going to be awesome. What is your husband rebuilding? Mine is rebuilding a 71 Chevelle, but he's not moving too quickly on it. HA Shari (cricutrookie)

  3. WOW this is going to be SO AWESOME when completed!! I remember how excited I was when my DH built my shelves/cabinets and gave me my own little "corner of the world"! Can't wait to see the finished product ... AWESOME!!!