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I am a stay at home mom..now that is! February 19th, 2007 I was involved in a car accident while on vacation in Florida. I awoke in ICU to find out that my only two children Annemarie age 3 and Michael age 5 did not make it. Scrapbooking became such a big part of my life. It helped fill a void that I desperately needed to fill. Our therapist suggested that I take up scrapbooking as a way to memorialize my children, little did she know! So I took that and ran with it.I became obsessed with scrapping and took over the second largest room in my house. Because of my injuries I couldn't go out and get a job, I just scrapped!I printed out 2,000 photos and my journey began. I have made albums for family members and layouts to decorate my craft room. We thought we were done having kids but who expected this tragedy??? I just gave birth in June 2009 to two beautiful baby girls Mia Anne and Gianna Marie named after their brother and sister.I swore that I would keep up with their albums so I won't become overwhelmed so we will see how that works out! My profile picture is the last family picture that was taken of all of us.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wishing I could get a hug from my angels on mother's day

Today is Mother's Day. I am happy but sad at the same time. I realize how strong I can be when I thought it was impossible. I realize how weak I can be at the same time. One moment I can be smiling and happy but the next crying my eyes out. I am angry one moment and extremely grateful the next. I was dealt a horrible hand in life but I am learning how to play the cards I was dealt. I am grateful today for my twin girls. They truly are the air I breath and what keeps me going. I am so happy that they are in my life but it is bittersweet. I wish, I wish with all my might that I could get a hug from Mikey & Annie tonight...

I miss you my sweetpeas! It's not the same without you.........


  1. oh lisa, i bet today is such a mix of emotion for you hunny. sending you some cyber space hugs from me though i know they will be no consolation for you i need you to know that i thought of you xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hugs, Lisa....hugs from me. I am thinking of you on this day.

  3. Lisa, I don't know what to say, Just know that we all are thinking of you and praying God helps you to deal with this terrible loss. Shari (cricutrookie)

  4. That video was so hard to watch I can never know what you both went through but as a Mum my heart goes out to you and hope in time that the photos you show on Mothers Day are not of the accident but of the many happy memories you hold dear of the children before.
    Thinking of you both.
    Carol Ann xx

  5. I thought of you today as it was Mother's day and I had a dear friend who recently lost her son as well. I am praying God gives you his peace. It was meant to be to have you visit my blog today. Thanks so much for your kind words. The video is hard to watch knowing what happened but a treasure. Thanks for sharing!! Your darling children are smiling down on you. Hug your twins and know you will see your other children in heaven one day.
    Big hugs,

  6. Thinking of you this Mothers' Day. I came upon your blog a little while ago and was so moved by your tragedy. I like to call my paper crafting mental health therapy but I guess in your case it really is true. I am the mother of twin girls also
    they can be such a treasure. Bless you and your family, Mary M

  7. Lisa,

    This tragedy must be so hard for you and your family. But i hope you find hapinnes again...

    You are in my thoughts!!!

    Sweet greetings and a big hug!!!


  8. How absolutely terrible that you have had to experience such pain that parents really ought not to deal with.

    I cant help but think that the tv footage is something that should be less and less viewed. How can you possibly cope with today when you have one foot in such deep sorrow.
    If only there was an answer to all of your hurting.

    I hope your beautiful little twins helped you to enjoy a Mothers Day of a different kind.

    Thinking of you
    Keryn x

  9. Lisa, I'm typing this through floods of tears my friend. You are the bravest person I've ever known and I salute you! Your two angels gave you your hug last night while you were sleeping.
    I wish I could too. Love Viv xxx

  10. Hi Lisa!
    I too am typing through buckets of tears. There's so much I want to say but the words just don't come right now. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend!!

    Love and hugs,

  11. Hi Lisa. I hope I never have to face the pain you had to go through. You are so stron, not sure I would be as strong as you. I'm so glad in yr pain your got yr beautiful twins and I'm sure they put loads of smile on yr face and will bring you many more happy happy moments&memories.

  12. Lisa, I am crying rivers as I type, and have no words to say. Hoping you where close to me and give you a big hug and my shoulder... HUGS...SK :)

  13. Lisa, I just watched your video and read your story and can't imagine how hard this has been on you and your entire family. No parent should ever have to go through this. God Bless you and your husband and your two little girls.

  14. oh sweetie, they are hugging you every day and although I know it's not the same as physical hugs....know that they are always close by.
    Sending you a cyber hug sweetie.


  15. Lisa I am so sad for you.. This must have been the worst.. I cannot even imagine. The video is heart wrenching.. I am sending sweet and gentle hugs and hope that you find some comfort in your sweet twins arms.. May God look over you and your family as you go through this together. Hugs..

  16. Lisa I have not read your story before today even though I have followed you for a little while. When I saw this video I absolutely cried my eyes out. I could not imagine what it would be like to lose my three children. Knowing your story makes me so much more grateful for the three beautiful children I have. Thank you for helping me realize that every moment that I spend with my children is precious. God bless.

  17. Hello Lisa,
    I can not comprehend the pain you are feeling - what a horrible tragedy. Your are in my thoughts.