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I am a stay at home mom..now that is! February 19th, 2007 I was involved in a car accident while on vacation in Florida. I awoke in ICU to find out that my only two children Annemarie age 3 and Michael age 5 did not make it. Scrapbooking became such a big part of my life. It helped fill a void that I desperately needed to fill. Our therapist suggested that I take up scrapbooking as a way to memorialize my children, little did she know! So I took that and ran with it.I became obsessed with scrapping and took over the second largest room in my house. Because of my injuries I couldn't go out and get a job, I just scrapped!I printed out 2,000 photos and my journey began. I have made albums for family members and layouts to decorate my craft room. We thought we were done having kids but who expected this tragedy??? I just gave birth in June 2009 to two beautiful baby girls Mia Anne and Gianna Marie named after their brother and sister.I swore that I would keep up with their albums so I won't become overwhelmed so we will see how that works out! My profile picture is the last family picture that was taken of all of us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You need some help Organizing??? Plus some exciting news!

Hello My Name is Lisa and I am a hoarder.. Yes a hoarder of anything paper, stickers, card stock, ribbon and OH MY BUTTONS!! I love me some buttons. The problem is you go in my craft room and you can not move. I have to climb, fight and crawl by way to even find a spot to craft. Give me 5 ingredients and I will whip you up an amazing meal, ask me to be organized and I will just crumble and cry like a little school girl. My hoarding issue wouldn't be so bad if I was organized. So I am on a new mission to get organized. I found a wonderful website that will help me not only get organized but to get organized in style!!

AV Thing In Its Place is an online website that has some gorgeous storage units at reasonable prices. I love the fact that shipping is included. I had to grab a paper bag because I was hyperventilating at all the choices. I decided to start off with something that I can use to hang in front of my main craft desk to keep all the things that I need at in hands reach. This is the piece that I decided on:

I am counting down the days until it gets here. For the first time I can't wait to start organizing. What is even better??? All the crafting storage is 15% off until March 20th. You can click the button on the sidebar to get to the site and check out all the choices. When you check out all you have to do is put the coupon code

2angels-15 to get the 15% off.

The sale ends shortly so don't miss out!!

Rumor has it that I maybe giving away the same unit that I ordered. How flippin' fabulous is that??? Once I get the unit in I will review it and post my pics to let you know what I think of it. Don't forget to check back for the reviews and the pictures as well as the details on how you can get your chance to win one of these.


  1. Can't wait to see the review and pics on this product, love the way it looks! Thanks

  2. This is totally awesome!!! Thanks for the tip
    brigitteetleschats at hotmail dot com

  3. Going to check out their site right now. I so wish I could come organize for you and you come cook for me. : )

  4. Love your post today! I think we are all hoaders when it comes to our paper and things. I hate when I am looking for someting and cannot find it, just the other day, I was looking for my wobbles..and for the life of me I could not find them! Last night I woke up at 2:30 and remembered where I put them so I left myself a note. How funny is that? Off to check out the website now. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Gina L.

  6. Thanks for the great info :)

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Love your Blog.Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog today.


  8. ooooooooooo wow, thanks for enabling. Love organizing and that product is awesome. Going to check out the site.

  9. O.K. that unit is fab and they do have alot of awesome things but I find them a little pricey. :( Just my opinion. I hope you love your unit.